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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Endeavoring to be free

 From the moment I took my first breath many years ago, I think my name had been inscribed on every hill and mountain top as a testament that I was not to be held down or held back. I have never been one that went along to get along, although, if given an option, I prefer to shy away from confrontation(s). I often look at the birds of the air, especially the eagle, for she flies high above everything that is on earth and she use the wind to her advantage to propel her in the direction she desire to go, only using her wings to change direction or perhaps when she has set her sight on a prey. Being free is fundamental, without it you are not able to move as I feel every being has  been endowed to do. It is true that though a man is free in body, he may not be free in mind, which is to say, his thoughts may not be his own, but rather the "image" or "imagination" of another. The most basic attribute of freedom is, the freedom to form an opinion of your own and to live your life without encroachment, ahhh, now that is freedom in its grandest form. However, notice that I said to form an opinion of your own; not to form your own facts, for therein lies a monumental difference. Strong drinks may make a man drunk; the absence of freedom is the thing that makes him fall. I'll take my freedom now, on the seat of a "Hog," that's a Harley Davidson SofTail  Heritage Classic, the rumble of the motor coming through  the high chromed pipes and the feel of the wind as I peel down the open road tells me that I am free indeed. I'll see you in my rear view mirrors.

2012 Softail Fat Boy Lo|Fat Boy Special Motorcycle Overview

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