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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Does anyone truly believe, "God bless America"?

I realize the subject is thought provoking, and that's my intention, to get the reader to think about  what we are so accustom to hearing. Observing the history of the nations of the world, I suppose one could say "God bless China or God bless Great Britain",(never mind the deity these or any other country worship), I'm sure you being intelligent as you suppose you are, get the quaint of what I'm posing. From one nation to another, they all have worked in darkness and all are continuing in that fashion even in this very hour. I suppose we all would like to think of ourselves as the salt of the earth, however, if we take stock in our past as well as current actions, It would look anything but we being salt of the earth but rather corrupter's of all that is good. Our actions always give us away and exposes our greed and meanness. We, in some fashion or another have made off with, pilfered or outright played the fool in purloining  our fingers on that which we desired. It made no difference if we lied, manufactured a crisis or anything else to accomplish what our greedy and debased hearts were moved to do. I recently viewed the airing of Wyoming Range War and was profoundly struck as to the mis-deeds that occurred doing that period of our nation's history. I make no small argument, that my thoughts of wrong doing are directed more toward this Republic (The United States of America), given, it's my home, and it's the one place that I know more about and even care about than any other. But if we are to move forward as a nation and truly desire to be able to wear the ornament around our neck "God bless America", then we better come to realize, the God of the Bible does not go for a lot of the things we turn a blind eye to. For if God bless America, given the things that we allow to exist in this Republic, he evidently must be on vacation and is unaware of the shenanigans being played out in Congress, the White House, Wall Street and Main Street. The slaughtering of his creation, whether it is by abortions, by unjust wars or blood being shed on main street. Again, I pose the question and await your answer: Does anyone truly believe, God bless America? 

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