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Thursday, July 14, 2011


I continue to hear and read others that say - "We need job creation," and they are saying the Government should be the entity that initiate job creation, hello folks, the government can not nor should it be the executor of such an unsustainable lofty goal, it can and should however provide the incentives for the private sector to create meaningful jobs. Years ago in the early seventies, I traveled I-95 corridor and saw quite a few textile mills in South Carolina, furniture manufacturing plants in Hickory, North Carolina and here in a lot of small towns in Georgia there were textile factories of clothing and carpeting along with other businesses that fed the people and communities that lived and thrived there. One by one those plants and firms began to die off and as they became extinct so has the hopes and aspirations of its citizenry. What is even worst, in my most humble opinion is __ it seems as though almost everyone you hear or read something they have put in print, they associate themselves with one of the two major parties, these folks are the reason in part that have caused such a calamitous toll on the populace. Whether you  know it or not, these States of the United States are becoming unraveled. The major two party system for the larger part, have most of the voters  right where they want them, yes, fighting like two dogs in a ring for a bone that have a rope tied to it and being pulled at their (one of the 2 major parties) will. For years, the climate of jobs and stability of the working class has been manipulated by those on the Hill (Capitol). Mr. Huckabee, the former governor of Arkansas and a "fault" (Fox) news contributor continue to run an advertisement on the tube asking his non-thinkers to sign up to repeal President Obama initiated health care bill and I'll bet a dollar to nothing, there's many that have signed onto what I consider an attack on those that need this bill to be in place more than most other laws that are on the book. Saying that this bill (health care) will bankrupt the country is asinine, after all, last time I looked, the country has already come to that point and the average voter received near to nothing to cause this episode of the irresponsibles. There's a lot of clamoring being heard in and outside of the Beltway now a days about the raising of this country's debt ceiling, this has been in the making for at least two decades if my memory serves me correctly, it was under almost everyone radar, the Desert Storm, no, the S&L debacle perhaps did more to add to the current state we find ourselves in, however, it weren't the only thing by far that have moved us to the edge of the abyss. Without some serious common sense coming into play by those that are in leadership, we are (the country) heading for 666 Hellbound Ave. as it relate to our survivability.


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