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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The house that the fools built

I suppose almost everyone have heard of the house that Jack built but have you heard of the house that the fools built, and do you know who these fools are? Many years ago, not like once upon a time, there were 3 branches of Government: Legislative, Judicial and Executive, these 3 were designed to operate independently of the other, which is commonly called checks and balances. At some point, one or the other or maybe all 3 stopped doing what they were designed to do, the legislative stopped making laws that were reasonable and started being loyal to a "party" or worst, to the highest bidder became the norm. The motto "For the people, by the people," became just a bygone saying to many. There has come to be very little for the people and near to nothing by the people, it all have been given to those that are able and willing to pay for it, Mark Twain, once said it best, "We have the best government money can buy". To the average voter, that wake up in the morning wondering how will they make the mortgage or where will they find the money to feed their family have become hostage to ideologue of one of the two major parties. This house that the fools built is beginning to show some serious flaws in their workmanship. Members of Congress allowed Wall Street to engage in some very questionable business practices that has caused billions of tax payer dollars to be squandered and that is small change when one think of the catastrophic impact this ill-practice is likely to have on the country and its citizenry going forward. The house that the fools have built, has no ceiling and from the sure to come precipitous drop in the markets, it doesn't have a floor. The only walls this house have left is Wall Street and the only jobs that are left for the citizens of what once was a great and promising nation are far across the seas. But this is the house that the fools built. 


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