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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

What will you do

In the name of common sense

There's a lot of "noise" nowadays coming from every corner of the globe. One of the most striking is over the budget of these United States of America. Congressman Ryan and his party in an effort to trim the deficit have decided to go after everything and everyone except the wealthy. 235 of them banded together like birds in flight to redo Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security as we know it today. While they (Ryan and his cohorts) contend they are serious about bringing the government in line with the revenues it takes in, it look more like a ploy to give to those that need it the least at the expense of those that have the least. It seems as the Republicans in the house of representatives will have a "posturing" vote sometime in the near future while the country edge ever so closely to the abyss as a result of their theatrics, to be fair, those on the other side of the isle has engaged in similar theatrics. There are some on Wall Street that are pleading to do away with the Debt Ceiling, but who in a clear mind should take advice from those folks. Whether the ceiling is raised or not, most Americans will have a bumpy road to travel for some time to come. If  anything is clear to me, it is this, the federal government (Congress) has always found it easier to spend someone else money, and quite frankly, I do not see that being abated any time soon, after all, he's (uncle Sam)  currently involved in at least three conflicts at the present (to feed the war machine). There's money to be made in being involved in conflicts, ask Halliburton, or any of the myriad defense contractors. Yet, most Americans think the party they are affiliated with will get the country on sound footing (don't look now, but they are the same parties that got you into this mess). My question remain - what will you do? 


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