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Saturday, July 23, 2011

President Obama found his voice

Two years, six months and two days mark the time of President Barack  H. Obama was sworn in as the 44th president of these United States, and which will be remembered by most that heard him on the tube as having found his voice. From the beginning of his administration he has been dogged by most of those of the Republican party, who can forget his state of the union address in which in the midst of his conversing with the Nation, the congressman from South Carolina, Joe Wilson, had the unmitigated gall of yelling out "You lie" where was the respect due the President of these United States that he so rightly deserved during a televised event, and  broadcast before the world viewers.
During the running up of the President initiative to bring about health care to a nation that commend itself to the world that it cares for its citizens, when the President, in order to make compromises to gain the support from the Republican party, he gave up "public option" which I thought he shouldn't have, but to appease them (the members of the republican party) he gave in to their childishness. Then there was the much debated issue concerning the raising of this nation debt ceiling so that the country would not default on its obligations, after many such talks and after many weeks had passed without any resolution to the pressing issue before the country and her so-called leaders, even to the point of having what were commonly referred to,  the "gang of six" which comprised of 3 members from each of the two major political parties. Rep. Boehner, decided he would just walk away from the talks on raising the debt ceiling and when the President called, he (Boehner) refused to return the president call, as if he (Boehner) was saying, I don't regard you as someone that deserves the decency of returning your call. The air in the Capitol has always been contentious and rotten to boot in my opinion, and I do not think it is likely to change. When the President held a briefing of the matter that had taken place (Boehner walking away from the talks) and hearing the President chide the actions of Rep. Boehner, I almost shouted as if I had been watching my favorite team snatch a win from an opposing team. Yes, it's good to hear the President has found his voice. Bravo Mr. President, Bravo indeed.

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