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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Calamity is at the door

I have always been predisposed to see and understand things that the average person has no perception of, on December 24 of 2008, I observed the flag of this great nation being flown upside down, as most readers of this blog know, it is a sign of "distress." Listening to any news media outlet, you'll discover that there's trouble brewing throughout the world and of course this is nothing new, for there has been trouble for as long as man has taken his place in this world, but you must admit, never before has there been so much of it (trouble) in one form or another. Just to jog everyone memory, I'll mention a few of the unusual occurrences that have taken place in the past months, 1.Birds falling out in the midst of their flight in Arkansas,2. large turtles found dead on beaches in Bangladesh (2008),3. who can forget the earthquake and the aftermath of the tsunami in Japan,4.what of all of those tornadoes that plowed through some of those southern states, Alabama in particular and months later 5. tornadoes leveled Joplin Missouri,6. the fires that ravaged Arizona and New Mexico, then there's the fires that has claimed lives and raked property damage in Georgia and Florida, thus far I have only touched on some of what we commonly call natural disaster, did I mention the ongoing sever drought in some parts of Texas and other parts of the country, then there's  moderate drought in other states. The up-rage that has shown itself in many countries only point to other problems that are being felt in magnanimous fashion by the people in those countries. Then there's the economic mess that Greece and other countries are experiencing and it looks as-though we in the good old U.S. of A will not escape either, whether an agreement is reached between the White House and Congress or not, we are in for a tumultuous ride. Is there a way to escape the seemingly impending Calamity? Will it (the calamity) be averted? The answer to either of those questions remain to be seen, but I have to tell you this, I have always considered myself to be a realist and given what I know of the human race, I'm not holding out that man will find his way out of this. Answer the door with caution. 

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